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Fab Racing – Round 4 Rowrah – 2011 British Championship Pit Bike Super Moto

Published on June 28th, 2011


After a mammoth 5 1/2 hour drive, which should be 4 hours, Team M2R arrive at the Rowrah circuit Friday evening at 745pm.

It’s been a dry day, and already our competitors have had a day’s track time. We drop off the trailer and head towards civilisation trying to find a hotel for the night.

8.20am Saturday morning and we arrive back at the track, it’s raining lightly and the track is wet. We unload and get the bikes and kit through scrutineering. Both Ryan and Jake get told off about the state of their helmets, but just pass so all good!

Time for breakfast, nothing like a healthy nutritional breakfast, but instead we all have full English, nice!

Leave the onsite café, the rain has stopped, and first practice starts. The first of the two qualifiers  for the 140’s are about 3 sessions in. We’re on wets, but have been let down last minute without notice for the generator that we borrow. Cold tyres and a wet track, means  it’s a disaster, 7th and 10th quickest with Ryan binning it big style at the hairpin. Luckily both rider and bike are ok. Arron Parker rides well to take 2nd in this session.

For the 160’s out 2 sessions later, no generator and cold tyres, so we choose to sit this one out.

We give up on the person who’s meant to bring the generator, missed called and texts all go unanswered,  and I leave the circuit on a 2 hour round trip to go and buy one. Just before I part with the cash 60 miles away, Jake calls, he and Ryan have bought a used  one from minimotospares, so all I need to do is buy some extension leads, and make it back for the final qualifying sessions.

140 Qualifying 2, and the genies got the tyres almost melting, The track is a little damp, but drying quick, and we make a last minute decision to fit a slick rear tyre, keep the front wet. On lap 9 Jake posts a 55.991, and on lap 10 Ryan does a 55.045. The closest battle was Sam Houlton and Lewis Meldrum posting an identical 56.031 time. We have pole and second, happy days!

160 Qualifying 2, and the track has a dry line all around, but it’s damp offline. We go again with the wet/slick combo that works in the 140’s. On lap 10 Ryan gets a 52.440 and Jake gets a 52.887. Happy days we’re pole and second once again.


Late evening at the track, there’s a presentation in the café for trophies from Landow and Wilton Mill, most of the paddock are there. We come home with a nice collection of 6 trophies!




Sunday morning 8.30am, we’ve had to sleep at the track, all the local hotels are fully booked. Ryan and Jake in the trailer and me in the van. We all agree in the morning that it was the worst and coldest sleep we’ve ever had, the wind and rain howling all night – what a place! Off to the café breakfast is calling.

The weather forecast is heavy rain all day, it’s been raining, but it’s stopped and the wind and practice sessions start to dry the track. The weather forecast was wrong yesterday, and today it’s also wrong, the rain is nonexistent and the track is drying out. I think single person at Rowrah is relieved!

Race 1 PIT BIKE 140 / 125

From the flag to flag Team M2R lead with Ryan 2nd and Jake the winner – See video of this race

Race 1 PIT BIKE 160 / EVO

Again text book race, Jake’s on fire and storms to victory with Ryan 2nd – See video of this race


Race 2 PIT BIKE 140 / 125

From the flag both Ryan and Jake take a big lead, but within 2 laps and Ryan’s got a problem, and sure enough a broken up SKF wheel bearing finishes Ryan’s race a lap later. Ryan DNF,  Jake 1st.

Race 2 PIT BIKE 160 / EVO

Ryan’s is now chomping at the bit for a win, Jake has other ideas. From start to finish both guys  lead the race battling each other, until the flag drops. Jake’s won again! Ryan 2nd.

Race 3 PIT BIKE 140 / 125

Last 140 race of the day. Ryan’s is adamant he’s going to win. Off the line Ryan and Jake lead and build a gap. The racing is so close between them, it really was action packed and wheel-to-wheel, with both riders touching wheels, and elbows out, at one stage banging into each other across the start line. Ryan makes a big mistake at the 2nd last corner and out brakes himself onto the grass, keeps it upright, a short motocross ride and he’s back on track and retains second. (good man!) He’s seems even more worked up, Jake has a big lead and has slowed down and Ryan has target fixation. Within 5 laps Ryan has caught up, and they’re on the last lap. Over the line side-by-side. Ryan’s wins it and Jakes second.

(See photos of this race)

Race 3 PIT BIKE 160 / EVO

There’s 3 riders’ in the paddock. Ryan, Jake, and Dayne. Each of them is determined to win the last race.

At the start Dayne gets a flyer. 3 bikes into the first corner don’t go. Ryan out brakes himself and grass tracks it, un intentially taking Dayne with him. Ryan’s “arm up” “Sorry Dayne!”. Jake says thank you very much and rides away in the lead. Red mist racing Dayne and Ryan battle over the next 2-3 corners. The XL80’s are in front, fast up the straight but slow round the corners. Ryan’s’ gets past one of them, and gives himself some breathing space as Dayne is stuck behind.

The race finishes with Jake in a class of his own taking the win by a massive amount, Ryan 2nd and Dyane 3rd

(See photos of this race)



So the weekend overall was a huge success for M2R.

3 x 140cc races with 3 wins and 2 seconds

3 x 160cc races and 3 wins and 3 seconds

Rider of the day has to go to Jake Gowing whom suffered manflu after sleeping in the trailer, but still manages 5 wins from 6 races!

Well done Ryan and Jake, roll on the next round!



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