M2R Warrior 250


Pit Bike Cleaning and Basic Maintenance

Your dirt bike will last a lot longer with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning regularly will also help you to spot any potential issues with worn or damaged parts.

View our General maintenance document here:    M2R-General-Maintenance-PDF


1. Preparation for washing

We recommend removing the seat before washing and avoid soaking the inner foam etc.

This way you can clean the underside of the seat properly and the area it covers.

Remove the air filter and make sure you cover the inlet with an airbox wash cover.

Plug the exhaust to prevent water from getting in via the exhaust silencer.


2. Rinse

Rinse off any excessive dirt and mud with a hose. Use a wooden scraper if you need to loosen large lumps and spatters.

Place the bike on a centre stand and rinse off handle bars, seat area and around the engine area.

Rinse under the mudguards and clean the tyres.


3. Soap and wash

Now most of the dirt has been removed it’s time to spray on a mild detergent and scrub clean focusing on one section at a time.

Rinse each section after washing as you don’t want the cleaner to dry up before rinsing.

Use a small brush if needed for nooks and crannies.

Once rinsed check results and see if another application is needed.

Don’t leave soap residue on the bike as it may speed up plastic and seal wear.


4. Dry, Inspect and Lubricate

Now the bike is clean it’s time to inspect for signs of wear or damage and lubricate where required.

Below is a checklist for inspection and lubrication:

  • Check the front fork dust seals for signs of wear/leakage and and use a seal cleaner if required.
  • Inspect the chain and sprockets for signs of wear and lubricate.
  • Check the steering alignment and for any play in the bearings by pushing and pulling at the base of the front forks.
  • Make sure to check the brake fluid reservoir levels.
  • Inspect the chain guides for alignment and signs of wear. Check there is no debris lodged inside.
  • Lubricate kick start, levers, brake pedal and shifters if required.

View our General maintenance document here:    M2R-General-Maintenance-PDF

We do not recommend using a jet or power washer at close range for cleaning your dirt bike as these can damage seals, remove paint and stickers and can damage and discolour plastics.